Our technology

Elite MPX

At The Butterfly Effect we use the Elite MPX which gives you the advantages of two gold standard wavelengths – the 755 nm Alexandrite laser and 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser – in one system. These wavelengths have proven long-term results for permanent hair reduction.

The 755nm Alexandrite is great at treating lighter skinned patients (i.e., skin types I & II) and the 1064nm YAG is the choice for darker skinned patients (skin types V & VI). But often those patients in the middle can present unique challenges.

Due to the two wavelengths involved, Cynosure’s exclusive MultiPlex technology makes it easier to treat patients with skin type III & IV (ie Asian/Mediterranean), providing treatments that are faster and more effective than single-wavelength treatments.

Integrated Cooling

The MPX has an integrated Zimmer’s SmartCool® air cooling technology built into the platform to make treatments more comfortable.

hair removal tech image