What to expect

Smooth skin is what our clients want. We understand the “shavers” and “waxers” of today are trading their tools in for quick, effective permanent hair reduction procedures that gets results. No more tweezing, waxing or shaving! We provide the world’s leading gold standard in hair removal: the Elite MPX, medical grade laser technology. We are fortunate to offer the United States’ number one selling laser hair removal system and be the first clinic in Sydney to bring this technology to our clients. The Elite MPX cutting edge technology can reduce the amount of treatments experienced with other models. With an inbuilt cooling system and by sequentially emitting two wavelengths we can treat all skin types and treat them more effectively.

Your first laser hair removal visit

Time is a precious commodity. We understand busy lives which is why we take every precaution to ensure your hair removal procedure is designed to give you the best, most time effective results. Our certified laser clinicians will conduct a thorough consultation and test patch the treatment areas(s). Your clinician will also gather information, review your medical history and discuss your expectations and needs. A treatment plan will be designed and you will be given a frank estimate of the expected number of sessions and cost. After care is of utmost importance and a home care regime will be prescribed for you following your treatments. On the day of your first treatment session the area will need to be shaved. You can shave the treatment area prior to your visit or our laser clinician can shave the area at an additional cost.

How long does laser hair removal take?

Laser hair removal sessions are relatively short and depending on the area can be generally completed in 30 minutes. The number of treatment sessions will vary depending on the hair type; however, the Elite MPX technology is designed to target both fine and coarse hair at the same time reducing the number of treatments required compared to other laser hair removal systems. Most treatment areas can be hair free in as little as 6 treatments.


Before you start your hair removal treatment, we’ll give you a frank, upfront idea of costs. The first consultation and test patch is free.