Our process

Tattoo ink works because it is made up of large particles, layered into the skin, which the body cannot absorb. To remove or lighten a tattoo, those large ink particles need to be broken down into smaller pieces using advanced laser technology. Your lymphatic system is then able to remove those small particles.

Our Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

MedLite C6®

The Butterfly Effect uses the revolutionary MedLite C6®, the most advanced medical-grade equipment to remove and lighten tattoos. The MedLite C6® utilises Q-Switched laser technology to remove your ink without damaging the surrounding tissue and can target all colours of ink.

Because its pulses are both short and incredibly quick, heat damage to surrounding tissue is minimised. This means that treatments are less painful. It also promotes faster healing.


Zimmer Cooling System

Laser treatment generates quite a lot of heat. To minimise discomfort, it’s important to keep the treatment area as cool as possible. The Zimmer cooling system has been specifically designed for this purpose. With the help of the Zimmer cooling system, approximately 90% of discomfort is eradicated, swelling is reduced, and recovery time is significantly faster.


After each laser treatment, the area will be properly dressed and you will be given tailored after-care advice. Contact us straightaway if you have any questions or concerns, no matter how big or small. We’re here for you.

Free treatment for breast-cancer survivors

We have nothing but admiration for the courage of breast-cancer survivors, and want to offer our support in any way we can. Radiation therapy often requires medical tattoos to mark radiation sites. The Butterfly Effect will not only completely remove these tattoos, but we’ll do it for free.